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Anonymous: Describe the dream aesthetic?

This is a tough one. My ideal aesthetic…idk. Like me with a long black dress that has no back and hair that looks like a lilac cloud. No shoes. The room is smokey but in a pleasant, rose scented way. A gold tray full of fruit next to me and I’m laughing at you.

Anonymous: If you own stuffed animals describe a few of them. Idk why.

I actually own a few. I have one that I got for maybe my seventh birthday. It’s a white Persian cat with blue glass eyes and a secret zipper compartment that I used to hide things in. I also have a bunch that are all monkeys and unnamed all of them Monkey.




People are giving Wilson money to thank him for killing an unarmed black teenager. Please report this to GoFundMe, as it violates their Terms of Service and they get 5% of the tens of thousands of dollars being donated. Click to report.
This is my message, in case you want to copy and paste:
Your Terms of Service prohibit “items that promote… hate, racial intolerance, or the financial exploitation of a crime.” Take a look at the comments that come with the donations on this page and tell me that doesn’t violate your terms. “Support Officer Wilson” is a thin veil for people rewarding Wilson for killing a black kid.

Reporting this fuck out of this racist shit.

Done. It takes like a minute. Fuck this white asshole and his racists supporters. He shouldn’t profit 200k from killing a black child.

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am i a boy? am i a girl? who knows!! but everyone finds me hot and that makes everyone gay

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i only understand like 9% of life

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